iTouch-Control Plugin

iTouch-Control is a plugin for Audacious media player wich allows you to control the player trought your keyboard multimedia keys. The idea for this plugin was born when XMMS gone alway from the portage tree.


After long years of use I finally said good bye to XMMS, and started looking for an alternatives. The solution that was recomended in /usr/portage/profiles/package.mask was Audacious media player. The player is almoust a duplicate of XMMS, but still lack of some features and plugins. One plugin I was missing from the good old XMMS was xmms-itouch plugin wich allows you to control the player from your multimedia keyboard. So I decided to make such plugin for Audacious.

In the xmms-itouch plugin there where features I did’t liked, like the idea that the plugin shoud control all the available multimedia keys of given keyboard. There are other programs to do that, like hotkeys (emerge -av hotkeys).

So now on topic

With iTouch-Control you are able to preform the most common media player tasks from your keyboard (play, stop, next track, prev track, mute, volume up and volume down). The plugin will automaticly fetch your multimedia key when you press it.

The plugin shoud work with all kinds of multimedia keyboards known to work with X.

And finaly one big thanks to the XMMS team for the great software that XMMS was. Also thanks to the xmms-itouch developers for their work.

Download: here
md5 for the file: here

P.S: The download location aboght is just a temporary home for the plugin. iTouch-Control will be hosted on I just wait for the project to be approved.

UPDATE: iTouch-Control plugin is now hosted on Click here.

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