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Restoring deleted files when you have emptied the Recycle Bin

I like to experiment, and last night I was playing with a Powertoy from MS called SyncToy (very useful utility if you ask me, another review feauturing SyncToy is on it’s way). So now on the topic.

While experimenting with SyncToy, I accidently deleted some documents form my workstation computer and my laptop. The files were putted in the Recycle Bin, on both PC’s but, without any hesitation I emptied the Recycle Bin folders. Some moments later I realized what I have done and start thinking of a way to recover my documents. After searching Help And Support center for a while, and when nothing useful showed up, I started Firefox and asked Google about “Recovering Deleted Files from Recycle Bin”, the first result that showed up was this page, containg a link to very useful utility called Restoration, I downloaded the utility, checked the archive with my AV just in case and then unpack it.

Restoration does not require installation and it’s MFC application. Supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems and it’s written by Brian Kato.

Restoration utility
Restoration utility. Click on the image to view the actual size

To restore a file with the Restoration utility:

  1. From the right pane select the drive from which the file were deleted.
  2. If you want to view all the files deleted from this hard drive click on “Search Deleted Files”, or if you are searching for something specific, type the name of the file in the box above the mentioned button and then click it.
  3. Select the file from the list and click “Restore by Copying”. Save dialog will pop up asking you where you want to save the file. Choose location and click the Save button.
  4. Enjoy your restored file :)
Restoration utility
Restoration utility in process of restoring a file. Click on the image to view the actual size.

Restoration utility can be downloaded from here. The license of the application is freeware and according to my AV the archive is safe.

iTouch-Control Plugin

iTouch-Control is a plugin for Audacious media player wich allows you to control the player trought your keyboard multimedia keys. The idea for this plugin was born when XMMS gone alway from the portage tree.


After long years of use I finally said good bye to XMMS, and started looking for an alternatives. The solution that was recomended in /usr/portage/profiles/package.mask was Audacious media player. The player is almoust a duplicate of XMMS, but still lack of some features and plugins. One plugin I was missing from the good old XMMS was xmms-itouch plugin wich allows you to control the player from your multimedia keyboard. So I decided to make such plugin for Audacious.

In the xmms-itouch plugin there where features I did’t liked, like the idea that the plugin shoud control all the available multimedia keys of given keyboard. There are other programs to do that, like hotkeys (emerge -av hotkeys).

So now on topic

With iTouch-Control you are able to preform the most common media player tasks from your keyboard (play, stop, next track, prev track, mute, volume up and volume down). The plugin will automaticly fetch your multimedia key when you press it.

The plugin shoud work with all kinds of multimedia keyboards known to work with X.

And finaly one big thanks to the XMMS team for the great software that XMMS was. Also thanks to the xmms-itouch developers for their work.

Download: here
md5 for the file: here

P.S: The download location aboght is just a temporary home for the plugin. iTouch-Control will be hosted on I just wait for the project to be approved.

UPDATE: iTouch-Control plugin is now hosted on Click here.

How to make a network game of Starcraft without

I and few colleagues at the university, old school gamers :) decided to play Starcraft Broodwar over the net. The idea was to create our own privite game without accessing servers. This scenario is currently unavailable because there is no option to set the IP address of the server. So after some googling and tryign various solutions I found Battle.LAN program. It’s a small app that was what we are looking for.


So how this whole thing works?

First you shoud have Starcraft Broodwar version 1.14 or Starcraft version 1.09 or higher. Your firewall (if you have one) shoud allow connections on UDP port 6111. Here is how to enable this port if you are using GNU/Linux machine as your firewall/router:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -o $internet_connection_dev_here -p udp –dport 6111 -j DNAT –to your_internal_pc_ip

In the IP Address box add your Internet IP addres (not local) and click the “Add” button, repeate the same with the IP’s of all the game players, click “Save” and then start. Minimize the application if you like and start Starcraft or Broodwar, then under “Multiplayer” select “Local Area Network (UDP)”, if everithing is ok in the “Game” list all available games shoud be listed. Select one and enjoy :)

Download Battle.LAN from here.

vMovieDB 0.1.5 released

This release of vMovieDB will be the last from 0.1.x series.

New features
– Ability to set an action to be preformed when movie list item recieves a double click.
– Show or hide movies listed under the adult tag.
– Search dialog improvements.

Translations & Documentation Updates
– Bulgarian translation is updated.
– Users manual is updated.

Bug fixes
– Search dialog popup menu finally works.
– Fixed bug concering the tooltips in the Movie Information Box.

Code Cleanups
– Small fixes over the “Play Movie” dialog.

For compleate list of changes see the ChangeLog and the Screenshots page.

Download the latest version from here or visit the project home page.