How to make a network game of Starcraft without

I and few colleagues at the university, old school gamers :) decided to play Starcraft Broodwar over the net. The idea was to create our own privite game without accessing servers. This scenario is currently unavailable because there is no option to set the IP address of the server. So after some googling and tryign various solutions I found Battle.LAN program. It’s a small app that was what we are looking for.


So how this whole thing works?

First you shoud have Starcraft Broodwar version 1.14 or Starcraft version 1.09 or higher. Your firewall (if you have one) shoud allow connections on UDP port 6111. Here is how to enable this port if you are using GNU/Linux machine as your firewall/router:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -o $internet_connection_dev_here -p udp –dport 6111 -j DNAT –to your_internal_pc_ip

In the IP Address box add your Internet IP addres (not local) and click the “Add” button, repeate the same with the IP’s of all the game players, click “Save” and then start. Minimize the application if you like and start Starcraft or Broodwar, then under “Multiplayer” select “Local Area Network (UDP)”, if everithing is ok in the “Game” list all available games shoud be listed. Select one and enjoy :)

Download Battle.LAN from here.

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