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GoClever GC-4366FMBT firmware

After a long time of collecting dust I decided that I should resurrect my broken GPS navigation – GoClever GC-4366FMBT.

goclever_4366_fmbt_tmc_bBy resurrecting I mean removing GeoShell and the cracked Garmin using PortSplitter because of who my original Mireo GPS navigation wasn’t working. It was crashing on the “Attaching GPS…” message while loading.

Trying various methods to fix the problem all unsuccessful I finally decided that I should re-install the firmware of the GPS. After searching “past the first page of Google” (it was hell of a search and the trial and error method ) I finally found a suitable firmware for GoClever-GC4366FMBT, Mireo Black Edition 3.1 and the newest maps for Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. Now the GPS is working again šŸ™‚

Here is how to re-install the firmware of the device (links for firmware download included) and how to setup the navigation software.

Firmware installation

1.Download GoClever-GC-4366FMBT-Firmware.zipĀ and extract it.
2.Copy the contents of the archive on an SD card and insert the card in the GPS
3.Turn on the device. The device will boot and will start to update the firmware

20131105_2202584. After a few minutes you will be ready. The default language of the device after the update will be Polish. Change it to your preference by navigating to the settings icon and than to the language icon.

Don’t forget to delete the firmware files from the SD card or next time you turn on the GPS the process will start again.

Mireo viaGPS v3.1 installation

After firmware installation the device will loose it’s GPS software ( it will do if you like me don’t do a backup of the ‘MobileNavigator’ folder from the ‘Resident Flash’ )

Download Mireo viaGPS Black Edition v3.1 (detailed map of Bulgaria included) extract the archive and rename the extracted folder ‘MobileNavigator’. Copy ‘MobileNavigator’ to your resident flash or SD card. Start the device and select Navigate. That’s it. You have a working GPS navigation with updated stock software and maps.

Here is an archive with detailed maps of Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia as of 2012-06. If you look hard enough you will find complete map of Europe dating 2012-06.

NOTE: The license for the 3D MAPS in the archiveĀ a bough is not workingĀ 

My mind about having a tablet recently changed

I was skeptical about having a tablet, finding no use of the device at all, but due to my recent involvement with my gift – Samsung Galaxy S3Ā  i got fascinated with the development opportunities android based devices offer. As a software developer this side of things is more interesting.

Now on the topic. Having some ideas for apps I was looking for a debug console and deviceĀ  beside my phone to test the apps on. So after quick research i decided that 100 euro tablet would do the trick. I was also looking into the even cheaper tablets but they felt laggy while in use.

The device I brought is Privileg MID-7A tablet.


Cheap 7″ tablet with 1GB of ram, 8GB of internal storage, 1.2 Ghz processor, resolution of 1024×600 and WiFi. Also front and back cameras. The touch screen is good. The OS is Android 4.0.3.Ā  Perfect for debugging and testing apps.

Here are the device specs on Bulgarian.

While doing the job of a development tool I slowly started using the tablet for different things like watching a movie in bed. Browsing the net and playing games. I also blog from the device while on the road. Its usefully for the times when you don’t want to carry a laptop around or having some time to kill. The tablet in combination with my S3 is my new mobile setup. I share the net from the phone.

I am considering the idea to buy a case with a keyboard.

In conclusion. I like having a tablet around. I really like it. When I have some free time I will root the device and install Android 4.2 on it.

Nice little thingĀ  šŸ™‚ I’m writing this post from it.