Yearly Archives: 2005

Access ext2 and ext3 partitions from Window.

Because of the tasks I have to do at the university, I was forced to install Windows operating system on one of my PC’s. But shortly after the instalation I needed acess to my documents, music, projects and other stuff wich was on my GNU/Linux partitions. And then after a short googling, I found this exelecnt program called Explore2fs.

Explore2fs is a utility wich allow’s you to view the content of your’s ext2 or ext3 partitions under Windows(R). It have Explorer like GUI and and ability to save files to your Windows partition. Explore2fs is released under the terms of GNU Genereal Public License.

Explore2fs web site is:

vMovieDB Icon

vMovieDB icon Yes I did it. I managed to create icon for vMovieDB is not something special, but took me 2 hours to compleate. This icon is my first try to do something useful with GIMP, not only to edit screenshots or my photos.

vMovieDB is almost ready for the public, some minor things are left to do.

A good article about users point of view for Slackware distribution.

As I was dirnking my morning cup of coffee and reading GNU/Linux releated news sites I found an pretty good article about the user’s point of view of Slackware Linux distribution (Slackware was my distribution before I migrated to Debian GNU/Linux). In the article the autor who is experienced GNU/Linux user explain the impression he gets with the lastes Slackware release wich is 10.2.

K700i Theme: Debian Red

Debian Red Preview A new theme is availabe in my K700i Themes And Software sections. It’s called Debian Red. The theme feautures the colors of my favorite GNU/Linux distribution and it’s logo. The wallpaper on Standby Screen is taken form Debian Red is released under GNU General Public License, feel free to modify it. Because of the graphics the theme size is 100kb.

To see my other K700i themes and the Debian Red whole look go to K700i Themes And Software section.

Download DebianRed from here.