Adding custom resources in Visual Studio 2003 “Add Resource” dialog box

For some projects I create resources that can be reused in other projects. Such as dialog boxes, images, etc…

It’s waste of time to recreate those resources again and again for each project you use them in, so after some investigation I have found a way to add custom resources in VS 2003 “Add Resource” dialog box.

Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\VCResourceTemplates\1033\mfc.rct in VS 2003. Open a resource file from wich you want to get some resources. Right click on the resource you want to copy and from the popup menu select “Copy” then paste the resource in mfc.rct. Or just drag selected resource to mfc.rct.

Note: mfc.rct may have different path. It depends on your VS 2003 instalation!

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