Visual Studio Add-Ins that will boost your productivity

I changed jobs about a month ago. My new job involves extensive use of Visual Studio line of products and MS SQL Server. I started as C++ programmer in a company called CSoft.

Here is a list of Dev studio add ins I find useful. They boost my productivity and saves coding or code documenting time.

1. Visual Assist X
This is an add-in that I can’t live with ought. Think of V Assist X as InteliSense on steroids. The add-in helps you with code completion and refactoring, has syntax highlighting enhancements and much more. View complete list of features here. We write products using VS .Net 2003 till VS 2010. Visual Assist X is available for a wide range of Visual Studio versions. Including Visual C++ 6.

2. AtomineerUtils
This add-in helps you with code documentation. The add-in support different documentation styles such as JavaDoc comments, Qt style comments and and DocXml format which is supported by Visual Studio from 2005 on. My new company has code base dating 10+ years back and having good documentation with that code base is priceless. Unfortunately this is not the case but we are trying to document every function and class member and this add-in comes in handy.

AtomineerUtils website: here

3. Productivity Power Tools
The pack includes a quick find extension for the editor, an enhanced scroll-bar, middle click scrolling, enhanced solution navigator – extremely useful when you have a solution with about 200 projects in it.  For a review of the mentioned features and more visit the add-in website.

4. Spell Checker
There is not much to say about this editor extension. It just checks your spelling in comments, strings and plain text. Pretty neat when you are having code review’s.

So this are the add-ins I found useful in my day to day work. Feel free to suggest others and also some nice color schemes.

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