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LCD buzzing noise and screen going completely black from time to time

27.10.2016 UPDATE: The method below fixed the monitor for a little while, it finally gave up!

Lately one of my LCD monitors was doing some strange things, like loud buzzing noises when turning on, to screen flashing and going completely black. I through it was a time for a new one, because this LCD was manufactured way back in 2007.

Being on a tight indie game developer budget it is not the right time for a replacement, so consulting google about the problem revealed some clues varying from opening the monitor and putting epoxy around the capacitors to changing the refresh rate of the monitor.

Changing the refresh rate from 75Hz to 60Hz and muting the build in speakers fixed the problem for me.

I hope that this solution will last at least until releasing my next game, which if successful will help me put aside some money for replacing my 3 monitor setup (all 3 manufactured 2007.) with 3 Dell U2415 monitors 🙂