Sylpheed fast and light mail client part 1

From long time I was thinking to write down my impression of using Sylpheed mail client. So here it is.

The story
First heard of Sylpheed form a friend on our regular GNU/Linux Geeks meeting, I was looking to change Evolution with something light and functional. And to get rid of Evolution Data Server and all that stuff eating RAM espesialy swap space and doing nothing. So when I was back home I done:

paskov@oziris(2):~> equery depends evolution && equery depends evolution-data-server && equery depends evolution-webcal

to see wich packages depends on evolution and friends.

The equery reply was:

[ Searching for packages depending on evolution… ]
[ Searching for packages depending on evolution-data-server… ]
[ Searching for packages depending on evolution-webcal… ]

I opened my /etc/make.conf file and added a global USE flag -eds.

Then emerge -C gnome (it’s virtual package containing all components of GNOME desktop) evolution evolution-webcall evolution-data-server && emerge –update –deep –newuse world.

While I was waiting applications wich depends of already removed packages to be recompiled and system to be updated, I opened another gnome terminal tab and typed su to become root and then echo “app-mailclient/sylpheed ~x86″ >> /etc/portage/package.keywords wich will tell emerge that I want to use not latest stable version of Sylpheed but latest available version in portage tree. In other words to unmask the masked versions of app-mailclient/sylpheed.

After that I typed emerge -av sylpheed wich sow me the available use flags for sylpheed package an ask me If I want to emerge the package. Since all USE flags wich I needed was activated I tell portage to proceed with the operation. After 2 – 3 minutes sylpheed was compiled and ready to use on my system.

End of part one…

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