There will be a vMovieDB for Windows

I plan to port vMovieDB to run on Windows OS. It will be a native port which means, it will use Windows native user interface. The project will consist of a lot of owner or custom drawn Windows UI controls and will look and act like a Windows application.


I want to port vMovieDB to run on Windows OS as an exercise. The Win32 API is a exquisite world, I have some knowledge and I has written some software for Windows using C and the Good old Win32 API (such as my course work for the past semester, a complete review is coming soon). For all of you out there who may say that Windows programming on C sucks I will say, It’s beautifully, it’s just great. Windows has some advantages over GNU/Linux OS, as so the GNU/Linux OS has some too. But I like Windows programming. It may seems hard in the beginning but it worth the effort in the end.

If I ever start earning money using my programming skills (I hope so) my platform of preference will be Windows OS. Windows programming is just great. The Win32 API gives you freedom (yea it may seems strange, but it’s true).

Information about the current status of the Windows port of vMovieDB will be posted here. Everyone is welcomed to join the porting effort. More information will be available here.

O and one note. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (the others sucks, or maybe my PC is too slow for all that .NET shit) is such a great IDE :)

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