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Push Ups Counter version 2.0 released

I’m happy to announce that a new version of Push Ups Counter is now available on Google Play

This release features:
* Redesigned/improved interface
* Dark mode
* Android 13 support
* Workout timer

Push Ups Counter main screen Push Ups Counter Push Ups Counter settings screen
Get it on Google Play

Push Ups Counter is an app that helps you count your push ups and records them in a training log where you can later review your progress day by day.

To start your workout press the ‘Start’ button. Push ups are recorded by the number of times your nose (or chin) touches the screen or if your device has ‘proximity sensor’ the number of times your head comes close to the screen. When you complete your workout, pressing the ‘Stop’ button will store the workout data in the training log.

Push Ups Counter features:
* Can count push ups with the device proximity sensor or touching anywhere on the screen.
* Workout timer
* Keeps the device screen on during a workout.
* Training log grouped by months.
* It prevents double counting if for example you lean toward the device proximity sensor and accidentally touch the screen.
* Plays beep sound when a push up is recorded (can be disabled from the settings screen).

Get it on Google Play