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GSM Signal Monitor & SIM Info version 1.6.17 released

I’m happy to announce that a new version of GSM Signal Monitor & SIM Info is now available on Google Play

This release:
* Introduces a set of features that will help us better assist you if you have problems with the app. (disabled by default, navigate to the app “About” section to enable.)
* Introduces an experimental workaround for manufacturers “battery saving” features. This handle the case where the app stops by itself after some time, as reported by some of our users. (disabled by default, navigate to the app “About” section to enable.)
* Adds consent for personalized Ads as required by EU GDPR

GSM Signal Monitor & SIM Info

GSM Signal Monitor notifies you when you have no GSM signal or mobile data.

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Ever wanted to call someone, but your phone has no GSM coverage?

Or you are living / working in a low signal area?

‘GSM Signal Monitor’ monitors the phone (or tablet with SIM card) signal strength and alerts you when you are out of service or in a low signal zone.

No signal / low signal alerts include: voice notifications, vibration, notification on the device screen and playing a ringtone. You can personalize how you get notified in the app settings.

‘GSM Signal Monitor’ can also notify you when the signal is restored, your mobile data is lost you are in a roaming area.

The app also provides information about device SIM cards such as phone number, voice mail number, SIM Card Serial number (ICCID), Subscriber Id (IMSI), mobile operator info and network type. This SIM card info can be easily shared by tapping on the share button or copied in the device clipboard.

‘GSM Signal Monitor’ logs every signal related event in its notifications log. The notification log keeps information when the GSM signal is lost, restored or low. It also logs information when the mobile data is lost or roaming is active. You can configure what’s logged in settings. The log can be exported in CSV, PDF and HTML formats.

Each logged event contains location and additional details about device and network states such as: network operator, network type, data connection state, roaming state, ram usage, battery temperature, battery state (charging/not charging) and battery level at the time of the event.

You can monitor your signal strength as it changes dynamically from the app main screen or in the notification area.


• Notifications when the signal is lost / restored
• Notifications when you are in a low signal zone (available as in-app purchase)
• Log events when data connection is lost or device enters roaming
• Event location and additional details
• Customizable log export in CSV, PDF and HTML formats. (available as in-app purchase)
• Detailed SIM card info
• 4G (LTE) signal monitoring
• Dual / multi SIM devices support (requires Android 5.1 or newer)
• Quiet hours (the app can be configured to suppress its notification during specified time period)
• Real time information about the GSM signal strength and quality in decibels (dBm)
• Low battery shutdown (GSM Signal Monitor will stop when device battery is low, the app will auto start again when the battery is sufficiently charged)
• Starting the app when the device starts
• App shortcuts
• Day Night theme with dark and light modes
• Simple/enhanced service notification styles and configurable behavior on how you get notified when actively using your device.
• Great number of configuration options

GSM Signal Monitor is NOT a signal booster app!

GSM Signal Monitor web page: https://getsignal.app/

Get it on Google Play