iTouch-Control 0.1.1 released

This release of iTouchControl plugin is mainly bug fix release

Bug Fixes:
– fixed bug where the keycodes for the “Mute” and “Volume Up” keys where not displayed in plugin configuration dialog once they are set.
– fixed bug where the keycode for the “Mute” key is not stored in Audacious configuration file.
– fixed bug where after the volume is mute, when the mute key is pressed again the volume is not restored in it’s previous state.
– fixed bug #1627533: Turning volume down at 0% goes to 100%
– fixed bug where the volume is not increased smoothly.

Code Cleanups:
– minor UI improvement over the configuration dialog.
– changes over the the way iTouchControl saves and loads it’s configuration.

For more information including download visit iTouchControl project page.

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