GSM Signal Monitor 1.5 out now!

GSM Signal Monitor 1.5 is out now!
This version features new app visual style, additional logging options, bug fixes and Android 5.x and up support.

Version 1.5 Change Log
* New app visual style
* Compatibility with Android 5.x and up
* Fixed bug when clicking over the app notification in the notification area
* GSM Signal monitor will now log (optional) information when the phone is entering roaming state and changes in your mobile data connectivity.
* Fixed bug when no notifications will be made on some devices
* New Google play services version

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Happy Blocks 1.0


I’m happy to announce that ‘Happy Blocks’ version 1.0 is released.

Go get it and enjoy one beautiful, well balanced, challenging ball and paddle game with a total of 150 levels, various power ups and power downs, mini games, achievements, leaderboards and much more.


Happy Blocks v1.0 open BETA

UPDATE: As of April 26, 2016, Happy Blocks is officially released to the public.

A public BETA version of my latest game ‘Happy Blocks‘ is available for testing. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

If you like, you may give it a try and give me your opinion in the comment section below or at

Please note that this is a BETA version, so it may have a few bugs!


What ‘Happy Blocks’ has to offer:

Beautiful, well balanced, challenging ball and paddle game featuring 2 game play worlds with total of 150 levels, various power ups and power downs.
‘Happy Blocks’ features:
* 2 game modes – ‘Happy World’ and ‘Classic’ with total of 150 levels.
* 6 different game worlds.
* Mini Games
* 8 different power ups and power downs (‘Mega Ball’, ‘Ball Split’, ‘Extend paddle’, ‘Shooting’, ‘Shrink paddle’, ‘Slow ball’, ‘Glue’, ‘Boom’)
* Horizontal and vertical bombs to help you clear the level quickly
* 25 different type of collectibles to help you unlock the mini games.
* 35 achievements for unlocking
* Leaderboards
* Levels where your objective is to kill flying enemies
* Saved games – save your progress on one device and continue playing on another
* “Optimized for your device” graphics
* Keyboard and tilt support.
* Cheering music and sounds

Notes on playing ‘Classic Mode’
Classic mode is unlocked after completing the 120 levels in ‘Happy World’, in this game mode you start from the beginning when you loose all of your lifes. In classic mode new life is gained every 8000 points.

Playing with keyboard:
‘P’ key will pause / resume the game.
‘Space bar’ will release the ball from the paddle.
‘Left’ arrow will move the paddle left.
‘Right’ arrow will move the paddle right.

Get Android Studio debug certificate fingerprints on Windows

Here is a small batch file that will retrieve Android Studio debug certificate fingerprints. Make sure that keytool.exe is in your %PATH%

@echo off
keytool -list -v -keystore "%USERPROFILE%\.android\debug.keystore" -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -keypass android

Copy / paste the a bough commands in an empty file and save it with a .bat extension.

Android Studio debug certificate fingerprints
Android Studio debug certificate fingerprints

Eclipse Hotkeys Fix

Eclipse on GNU/Linux has an annoying bug with hotkeys for users with multiply keyboard layouts.

For example when the user is working with the English keyboard layout, hotkeys such as “Ctrl-C”, “Ctrl-V” will work as expected, but when switched to different layout (ex: Bulgarian) the keys will no longer work.

After a bit of searching I found a fix for this inconvenience at GitHub.

Thank you “amozzhuhin“!