vMovieDB v0.1 alpha2

Second alpha version of vMovieDB 0.1 branch is out. This is still development resease. It’s not recomeded for normal users:

vMovieDB v0.1 alpha2 changes:
– improvements on xml parsing code.
– new database structure (movies.xml)
– some gui dialogs now have functionality but not 100%
– list view sorting, by title, by subtitles, by quality, by media and location
– improved add movie dialog
– initial Windows port (early stages, probably will not make it, need a lots of work especialy in xml parsing code)

The Future
This will be probably the last unstable and alpha release of vMovieDB. The upcoming release will be v0.1. vMovieDB will be ready for user use. Many GUI inprovements will be included. The XML parsing will be more reliable and faster. All debugging messages wich help during the development will be remover. Code Cleanup

Because of a problems with my IPS, the upload of vMovieDB v0.1alpha2 will be done tomorrow. Be patien…

vMovieDB v0.1 alpha first look.

This is vMovieDB – Gnome movie storage application. vMovieDB enables you to store your movies in to database and watch them with your favorite video player.

The upcoming stable version will be here soon, available as source tarball or a packages for various GNU/Linux distributions such as: Debian GNU/Linux, Slackware Linux and RedHat/Fedora/Mandrake.

Current sources of vMovieDB v0.1a are available for download from here (it’s my FTP). Note that v0.1a is alpha version wich mean you can’t expect vMovieDB to act as stable and productive software. Only developers interested in contributing to this project may use the sources. Normal users must wait 2 – 3 weeks for the stable version.

The future:
In feauture time vMovieDB will try to become one stable and productive application integrated completely with Gnome desktop enviroment and following Gnome HIG standards.

Application: vMovieDB | Curren version: 0.1 alpha | Reccomeded use: Developers only | License: GNU General Public License