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vMovieDB 0.1.5 released

This release of vMovieDB will be the last from 0.1.x series.

New features
– Ability to set an action to be preformed when movie list item recieves a double click.
– Show or hide movies listed under the adult tag.
– Search dialog improvements.

Translations & Documentation Updates
– Bulgarian translation is updated.
– Users manual is updated.

Bug fixes
– Search dialog popup menu finally works.
– Fixed bug concering the tooltips in the Movie Information Box.

Code Cleanups
– Small fixes over the “Play Movie” dialog.

For compleate list of changes see the ChangeLog and the Screenshots page.

Download the latest version from here or visit the project home page.

vMovieDB 0.1.4 released

New features
– Movie tag categorization.
– Show only movies from this (Year, genre);
– Movie Information Box enchantments and slight redesing.
– Movie Image Viewer enchantments.
– Movie list colums are rearanged to a new more intuitive way.
– Users manual accessible trought the application Help
menu and avalilabel online at
– gConf schema file.

– Bulgarian traslation is updated.

Bug fixes
– fixed bug where movies having spaces in their filenames
won’t play.
– fixed bug where movie genre is always set to “N/A”.
– fixed bug where movie rating is always set to maximum
when it isnt’t changed during the movie editing process.

Code Cleanups
– Improved database parsing code, now the application shoud
preform well with large databases.
– New export functions.
– Now rating widget use text_aa[state] property to
colorize the stars. Rating box shadows are removed and
ratting background color is set to mach current
GTK+ 2.x theme background color.
– a lot’s of small fixes and cleanups.

For compleate list of changes see the ChangeLog and the screenshots page.

vMovieDB news

After some hacking new features are added to vMovieDB. Except code cleanups and some minor fixes, the two most important new features are i18n (Internationalization) support and movie search.

vMovieDB version 0.1.1 will be released after a week.